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If you have questions or feedback please contact IESO Customer Relations:
Tel.: 905-403-6900
Toll-Free: 1-888-448-7777
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Welcome to the IESO Web Portal. This site is the home for a number of market-related applications and information.

Application Changes:

The former Energy market Application (MPI Workspace) has been decommissioned and replaced by the Energy Market Interface (EMI). To initiate the EMI application, navigate to and login using your Portal user ID and password.

A new IESO Compliance Tool is now in-service and no longer accessed via the Portal. Applicable participants will be able to access the new application to submit reliability compliance information to the IESO via Online IESO at

The new Outage Management Tool that replaces the old Tool Online Outage Forms is now  in-service.  See here for details.

Please note that the current Outage Management system is to be replaced shortly by a new one.  See the IESO Change Management page regarding Outage Management manuals and process changes.

Online Settlements Data Changes: The new Ontario Clean Energy Benefit submission form in now in-service for Distributors and unit sub-meter providers. The Embedded Generation application now includes Class A Load information for Distributors.

Reminder to TRA Users:

Individuals that have access to the TRA Auction will be required to change their password every 90 days.  The new password must be at least eight (8) characters in length, and contain one (1) special character, one (1) lower case letter, and one (1) upper case character.  

For more information see:

Other corporate web pages to be included here as available.

More info on IESO Web Projects can be found at the IESO News page

Transmission Rights Auction Announcements  Refreshing Transmission Rights Auction Announcements

The TR Bid Window normally opens at 09:00 EST of the first day and closes at 17:00 EST of the second day.

Long-term Auctions use summer maximum ratings to determine the maximum number of TRs that can be allocated. Short-term auctions for the months of May to October (inclusive) also use summer ratings to determine the maximum TR capability. Depending upon the application of the Confidence Factor, these auctions will only occur if there are unsold quantities from Long-term auctions (LT_YYYYMMDD) for the applicable period.

Transmission Rights Auction Settlement information can be found in the Financial Market Settlement Schedule and Payment Calendar.

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